Enable employees to drive, track and align their progress and development

Effective Goal Setting

A step by step intuitive goal setting wizard produces a future action plan.

Holistic & integrated platform

Set cross company, team and individual goals. Easily understand dependencies and collaboration dynamics.


Get ongoing analysis reports that show how much you progress towards your strategic goals, what are the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Performance Management and Alignment Tools

Personalized Review Tracking

Employees set the review frequency, review content, and review style according to their learning and development needs, achievements and challenges.

Seamless Integration with your existing daily work tools

Email and calendar integration. You don’t need to use a new system for ongoing monitoring and reviews.

Know your status and learn how to improve

A personal virtual assistant will help you become more professional, more effective and more recognized.

Acknowledge your progress and self-development

Historical data available at any time for your review, helping you realize your progress and improvement.


Cross company ongoing learning tools, supporting self-development and decision making

Real Time Feedback

From your managers / peers / team members - ongoing, and upon request.

Personalized / Team trend and insight analysis

Become more aware to your strength and weaknesses. Learn what needs to be changed in the future.

Productive Evaluation

Establish routines of ongoing “performance evaluation” and alignment discussions.

We realize how complex performance and growth management is.

Rekonis supports people management decisions with big data, analytics, best practices & industry standards.


Enables relevant people within the company to see the bigger picture

Shared Goals Map

Enables each employee in the company to see the bigger picture.

Collaboration Opportunities Indication

Suggests an easy reach out to others, working for the same goal.

Peer to Peer

Facilitates cross-company collaboration with the use of polls / collaborative performance and alignment utilities and tracking tools.

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