Our Philosophy

We believe that organizations reach their desired destination when their members see the same map, move to the same direction while in constant improvement, and build trust in each other.

Rekonis was launched in 2016 to provide exactly that–
a practical way to meet strategic goals, by maintaining alignment, evaluating and discussing performance, and by adopting collaborative culture.

The Rekonis team’s expertise combines organizational, technological and business domains. We identify a certain gap in the way that existing Performance Management systems handle the individual employee.
Therefore we offer a holistic, systematic approach, which attends both to the organizational needs and the individual person within the system.
We envision Rekonis as an employee centered performance management platform.

Rekonis is led by Uri Keren, CEO, and Avi Yitzchak, Co-Founder. Uri brings vast experience from multinational and startup companies. Uri was the co-founder and CEO of CareerHarmony, HR-Tech startup founded in 2000 and was acquired by Manpower Inc. in 2004. Avi hosts a diverse experience as a clinical psychologist, entrepreneur and CEO of Dualia, an organizational consultancy company. Avi has vast executive experience in large publicly traded global companies, as well as in privately held startups. 


We believe in people. Independent and Autonomous.

We see trust, accountability, on-going learning and collaboration as key factors for an empowering work culture which enables independence and growth.

In order to support that, we incorporated a “forward-looking” strength based approach, together with reflective learning, while keeping it elastic, simple and personalized.

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